This page contains memories contained in the Harvest of Memories book and from who have written in. Please send me your memories!

Carl Holt: Holt recounts details from the pioneer days in an interview in 1934.

Alvarado Brigadier General: A letter from Brig. General George Lodoen tells in part of his early life in Alvarado.

Snowplane: Lloyd Nystrom shares his memories of Axel Carlson’s snowplane.

Field of Dreams: Wayne Johnson recalls summer vacations in Alvarado.

Working on the Section: Wendell Sands explains early railroad maintenance crews.

Mattresses Made of Straw: Dorothy Edman Manz recalls her memories and family history.

Hotel Alvarado: Lloyd Nystrom remembers living in the Hotel Alvarado and the bum camps down by the river.

Beet Truck: Bob Sands recalls his dad’s new International beet truck.

Olson’s Food Market: Eugene Olson recalls his family’s store.

Hilma’s: Bonnie (Wilkenson) Kiley remembers shopping at Hilma’s.

Alvarado Postmasters: Mike Sorenson shares the list of postmasters throughout the years.

Deep Roots: Joan (Sands) Firestone remembers her time visiting family.

Starting the Tractor: George and Louis Sands had a hard time getting their tractor started.

Horse Thief: Bob Sands recalled his father’s story about a stolen horse and the pistol-packing sheriff.

Norman Thompson talks about the Depression, and one resident headed west for work.