Alvarado streetsDo you have photos, stories, videos or audio recordings that you’d like to share? Send them to me, and I will post them and possibly include them in the eBook.

We don’t have any content from after 2005 (when the book was published), so new photos and stories would be most appreciated!

And then there is the old content! Certainly someone has a photo somewhere of the big old (propane?) tank that everywhere sat on (it was just behind Olson’s Foods before the mall was built). At one point, it had “Alvarado” painted on it.

Or what about winters at the skating rink? And Gubben? Christmas pagents at Zion Lutheran Church? Meals at Johnson’s Cafe? Playing pool at the Friendly Tavern?

Then there are basketball games, corn feeds, Firemen’s Ball, trick or treating, sugar beet harvest, Knute’s shoe store and a long list beyond these.

If you send them to me, you are giving me the right to publish.

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