IN PROGRESS: This is a timeline of events and photos.


Oaklawn Cemetery Created: Four acres were purchased from Oscar and Martin Sands to create the cemetery.

1910: Hotel Helen: Nels Hendrickson built the concrete block store building later occupied by August P. Olson.

1910: Baseball Team: Photo of the town’s baseball team.

1910: The Stockyard: After the railroad went through, a stockyard was built.

1910: Young People’s Gathering: A photo of some young folks at Martin Sands’ farm.

1911: Building the Roads: Check out this photo of the ditching crew.

1911: Voting Out the Saloons: Oh yes, they did. And a bunch of other transactions happened too.

Alvarado Train Depot: How much did it cost to take the train from Alvarado to Warren?

1912-13: Business News: And a photo of some guys in furry chaps.

Barber Moves to Town: Everyone gets haircuts.

1914: Business Listings: And some awesome street shots.

Vote for Lindbergh: His dad showed up to campaign.

1915: Richest Village in U.S.: Living large with a $1,600 per capita, baby.

Vasa Lodge: A secret society? Na, a place for guys to speak Swedish.

Potato Industy Begins: Potato guns were invented later.

Auto and Machinery Dealers: Minnesota Auto Company became a big deal.

Delivering the Mail: Photo of Martin Fering and his trusty horse.

1916: Alvarado Band Stand: The band was a big deal, with a big-deal bandstand being built.

Doctor Ward’s Remedies: Robert Fering and his horse sold these products door-to-door.

Steam Engine: Markuson’s fancy tractor.


1904: Buying the Land: Early land ownership

1905: The Town is Born: The Soo railroad rumbles through, and the town comes to life.

1905: Boom Time: From 1905 to 1922 Alvarado experienced its greatest boom.

1905: Stores, Merchandise, and Two Goats: Yes, goats!

1905: The First Hotel: Martin Sands owned and operated it.

1905: The Growth Continues: A meat market, hardware store, and livery opens.

1907: Snow Stops the Mail: A tough winter stops the mail.

1908: Population Grows to 202: And a Justice of the Peace and Constables were appointed.

Early Farming: Photos of the Walter Sands’ farm.

1909: More Homes: Photos of some of the early houses in town.


1879: The Beginning: It all started with a post office on the Snake River.

Pre-1905: Early Settlers Trickle In: An overview of the first settlers in Sandsville Township.

1892: School Kids: Photo of school kids.

1898: The Woodman Lodge: The Woodman Lodge was built.